Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Running in the Dark

Wrote the headline hearing Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark" in my head. Doesn't seem to translate well to what I have. Oh well.

Skipped Monday because I'd run two days in a row and my legs were saying "break please" and because it was raining. Wimp? Yes.

Back at it last night. Got back to Griffin too late to get it done in the daylight. I guess daylight savings time serves its purpose, but it clearly was not designed with outdoor exercise in mind. At least, not mine. I'd much rather have some sunshine while I'm running. Nonetheless, I soldiered on. Put on my base layer (sounds more manly than tights) and ran with my running gloves and skull cap. Only exposed skin was on my face.  It was 50 degrees out, which really isn't that cold, but before I again cop to being a wimp on this, I'll tell you that my goal here is to sweat. If I'm bare-legged, I sweat less. And if I do sweat, without the cap the sweat runs into my eyes. All part of a plan here. But yes, you're welcome to conclude that I am indeed a wimp.

Total mileage Tuesday was 3 miles, 1.5 of which was done double-time. Legs didn't protest, so I'm thinking I'll keep that routine for another week or two before adding on.

Soundtrack: Started with movie soundtracks on Pandora. Got some Thor, Pirates of the Caribbean, Bourne Identity. Switched to my own music and got Boom by P.O.D., Everything About You by Ugly Kid Joe, Beverly Hills by Weezer and Drop Dead Legs by Van Halen.

Mileage YTD: 17.

Weight after exercise: 232. Feels like I'm at a wall, but there is definitely some to be lost here.

Food Tuesday: Ham and eggs with coffee for breakfast. Ham with salad and water for lunch. Sloppy Joe wrap on low-carb flatbread with green beans and carrots for supper.

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