Sunday, January 19, 2014

Three-day review

Let's start with a request for music suggestions. I have fairly eclectic music taste, so I'll try just about anything. Just kind of looking for something new, because the workouts really don't vary. The way I'm doing this, the music is the biggest variable.

OK. Skipped the exercise Friday. Had an important birthday party to go to. Which also meant a day of moderate cheating on the food front. Meals were chicken egg and cheese bagel and coffee for breakfast. Chicken with salad for lunch. Actually ate supper twice - turkey bacon and eggs at around 5:30, hamburger and hot dog (no buns) at around 8. And ice cream cake.

Now, in the past, I would have binged on the ice cream cake. Had a sensible slice and topped off the day with a cup of coffee.

Yesterday was back at it. Two-mile workout (ran 1). Had eggs and sausage in the morning, and Atkins bar early afternoon and pork tenderloin, mixed vegetables and a salad for supper.

Weight after exercise was 230. Workout music - started with soundtracks on Pandora and got Gladiator, Robin Hood and a piece from violinist Lindsey Stirling. Then switched to my  iTunes and listened to the Script. (Siri fail -- couldn't find the Script. I had to do it manually).

Today was fun. Went to the Airport Road track in Griffin. It's a 1/2-mile track with a lot of grassy space in the middle. There was a coed ultimate frisbee game going on. Looked like a lot of fun, though I really couldn't decipher what was going on. Is it soccer or football with frisbees? In any case, it also looked like an ankle injury waiting to happen for me. I'll stick to my nice smooth track and straight-line running for now.

Temp was in the 50s. I got pretty cold yesterday, when I ran at dusk and the temp dropped into the mid-40s. Sunshine and 50s wasn't much better today. It was windy. Some of the frisbeers were out there in shorts. Only skin I had exposed was my face.

Got the full three miles in. My three timed laps came in at 12:51 (half-mile splits - 4:10, 4:16, 4:25). Connected to Pandora and chose the Fallout Boy station, which netted me a bunch of bands I didn't know. Legs felt pretty heavy on each of the three run laps.

Back to the music for a moment. If you aren't familiar with Lindsey Stirling, you should check her out. Very talented violinist who mixes her strings with contemporary music styles for some really neat-sounding stuff. Shout-out to my son Tyler for letting me know about LS.

Weight after exercise today was 228. I'm one pound from my low last year.

Intake: Turkey bacon, eggs and coffee for a late breakfast. Bunless burgers, broccoli with cheese and salad for supper:

YTD mileage is 25.

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