Thursday, February 18, 2010

Acoustic guitars, anyone?

Yesterday was percussion with Blue Man Group. Posted some lyrics on my facebook page. Today, strings. No lyrics. Soundtrack for my workout was Johannes Linstead, a guitarist with amazing skills. Lots of island themes. Dude can really pick it.

Got the three miles done in about 50 minutes. My focus really isn't on times, but I noticed it today because I had to be somewhere by 7. When I woke up this morning, I weighed 231. After exercise this afternoon, 233. Had HBO for breakfast, leftover lasagna for lunch (excellent!) and boiled shrimp and grits for supper.

Here's something I've been wondering: Bagels are generally recognized as healthier than some other kinds of bread. This occurred to me Wednesday as I was eating a chicken, egg and cheese bagel (scalded the roof of my mouth on the chicken), and wondering if it was better for me than a bagel. One other item: 12-grain bread. Tastes good. Not sure it's helping me lose weight, thought.

I've noticed that I weigh less first thing in the morning. Dunno what that means. Here's one thing I'm willing to interpret, thought. Third straight day at 1.5 running 1.5 walking, and I felt heavy all the way through. So tomorrow's an off day.

YTD mileage: 116.5.


  1. So that's what you were up to on Facebook today! Never seen/heard Blue Man Group.

  2. They did some VW commercials a few years back. They do new age percussion music with strange things like PVC pipe. Sort of like Stomp! with a funky twist. Part of their schtick is they all have shaved heads and they paint all their exposed skin blue.