Monday, February 22, 2010

See that sky over the weekend? Talk about blue!

65 and sunny. A fitness blogger could get used to that. A quick rundown of the weekend's activities:

Saturday -- Walked 1.5 ran 1.5. WAX 234. Intakes -- Bacon, eggs and grits, coke for breakfast. Chick-fil-A sandwich, fries, coke for lunch. Lasagna for Supper. Given that fare, I suppose I'm lucky the weight didn't spike.

Sunday -- Walked 5 miles. WAX 233. Intakes -- HBO for breakfast, quesadilla and a couple of meatballs for lunch, water to drink. Tuna casserole for supper, water to drink. Couple of biscottis because occasionally you have to have something sweet.

YTD mileage: 124.5.

This morning I was at 232. Maybe I should skip the weighing after exercise and just take the morning number ...

So, the weather. Wow. Saw a gentleman at Tyus Park Saturday whom I hadn't seen for several months. He splits his workouts up in similar fashion to what I do, but his thing is doing six miles in an hour's time. He probably runs 3.5-4 miles of it. Between him and the marathoner I mentioned a few posts back, you won't find a nicer person anywhere. Which brings me to this: I'm usually in a much better frame of mind after I exercise than I am before. There's something to be said for the sense of accomplishment you get from finishing your drill, so to speak. I've observed that my son is almost always smiling when he comes out of his karate lessons, and I think it's the same thing at work.

The lunch from Sunday was a little out of ordinary because it was at a meeting for trivia hosts. Supplies were handed out, as were some tips on making the trivia shows go smoother. Got a Trivia Guy t-shirt. Now, if I can just rig my sound system correctly, this should be cool.

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