Friday, February 12, 2010

I ain't heavy, I'm yo brother

Lesson learned. It couldn't be helped, really, because of other things I have going on, but I missed tread time Tuesday and Wednesday. Got back on the track last night and made it three miles -- 1.5 walking, 1.5 running -- but it wasn't easy. My legs felt heavy.

Hopefully one-time peeve: Guy was sitting in the parking lot next to the track in a diesel pickup with the engine running. Seriously, couldn't you find someplace else to keep those glow plugs warm? I'm trying to breathe here!

Soundtrack was a smattering of P.O.D., guitar selections from August Rush Soundtrack, U2 and R.E.M.

YTD mileage: 102. WAX: 233, which is very cool. Two days off didn't hurt me on the scale. I felt heavy when I was running, but I wasn't really. I continued to eat sensibly. Food yesterday: HBO, coffee, banana nut muffin, poppy-seed chicken (which was delish by the way) and broccoli for lunch. Ravioli for supper.

The entire time at lunch (this was in the company cafeteria) I kept thinking, OK, you guys are going to now implement a battery of drug tests, since you've served us all poppy seeds, right? Is this a set-up? Now where was that tin-foil hat ...

Getting in a run today will be a challenge what with the blizzard and all. (that's a joke, btw). Since the temps are supposed to be in the upper 40s tomorrow, it shouldn't be a problem.

I'll try to be back on later with an update, but I might be too busy playing in the snow.

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