Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gold records

Did the 1.5/1.5 routine today and got it done in 45 minutes, which was cool, because it was cool out there. The mid-60s weather over the weekend was all it took for me to get used to doing this in shorts, and it was a bummer to pull on the warm-ups today because it was mid-40s instead. No matter. The day off did me good. I stretched my stride out on the back half of each of my three half-mile laps, so it felt more like running than jogging, and I felt pretty good afterward.

WAX: 232. Intake: HBO, coffee, banana nut muffin. Quarter pounder and fries for lunch (moment of weakness, which by now we've established is not all that rare with me). Spaghetti for supper. YTD mileage: 127.5.

Soundtrack today was 1973 from the Time/Life collection:
Paul Simon, Loves Me Like a Rock
Curtis Mayfield, Superfly
Grand Funk Railroad, We're an American Band
Elton John, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
The Spinners, Could it be I'm Falling in Love
The O'Jays, Love Train
Stories, Brother Louie
The Doobie Brothers, Lont Train Running
The Four Tops, Ain't No Woman

That's about halfway through the year's collection. What caught my attention was Grand Funk Railroad. When I was in middle school and first starting my vinyl collection, I had all these singles on 45 rpm records, one of which was We're an American Band. It was cool, because GFR had sold, I guess, 500,000 copies of that record, after which they received their gold record for the wall and they started cutting the songs onto this gold-colored vinyl instead of the standard black. I played that thing over and over, until my dad started coming home with 8-track tapes. Now, it occurs to me that my kids have never seen an 8-track tape. Not sure if they've ever seen a 45. Probably did at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, but I don't remember. Anyway, those were really different times. A blog was called a diary, and nobody got to comment on it. Very few people got to see it.

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