Thursday, February 4, 2010

Beatin' the rain

So while others around metro Atlanta were refilling on balsa wood for the coming deluge, I was out walking and running. It was sprinkling, but never got heavy enough to make me concerned about my electronics, and by the time I'd finished the run portion, the rain had stopped. In its place was a brisk wind, though, and it got fairly chilly. This week's routine was thus maintained: two miles walked, one run. Listened to U2 (Vertigo, Pride, One, Mysterious Ways) and Van Halen (Good Enough, Get Up, Why Can't this be Love, Best of Both Worlds, Dance the Night Away, Spanish Fly, Beautiful Girls).

WAX: 234. YTD Mileage: 90. Intakes: HBO, coffee, spaghetti, wheat bread and water for lunch. Baked flounder, green beans, mac & cheese and tea for supper. No in-between meal snacks today.

My design for this little shindig was five of seven days. For the first time, I've gone five straight days, and I could tell a difference tonight. Legs felt a little heavy on the run. Tomorrow is an off day, and from the looks of the weather forecast, it's a good day for it.

I'm hurting for my little girl today. She got two pieces of disappointing news, and there wasn't a thing I could do to make it better. She kept a good attitude about it, and I was proud of her for that, and maybe the lesson to be learned is in that. She knows she has options, and she knows we love her.

OK, it's late. Gotta go get some sleep.

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