Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gone Country

Listened to Trace Adkins on the track tonight. Songs about Me album, some really good stuff. Can't go wrong with Honky Tonk Badonkadonk. If that makes me look like a sexist pig, well, I'll just have to live with it. I like the song.

3 miles, ytd total 84. Tonight, one mile running, two walking
Weight after exercise (WAX) 234.
intake: HBO/milk, coffee, muffin at 10, chili with wheat bread for lunch, water to drink, Chicken soup and turkey sandwich for supper with water.

Got a pretty good sweat working during the running portion. I walked the last two miles and still had some sweat going. To me, that's the immediate payback for the effort. I've always liked to sweat. My dad told me when I was little when I had a scraped knee or something that the bleeding was getting the bad out of me. Probably didn't bleed enough. But that's kind of my perspective on sweat. It's like a toxin purge or something. If, as the motivational cliche goes, pain is weakness leaving the body, then maybe sweat is malady leaving the body. Goofy? Yes? Deep? You be the judge. But it kind of works for me.

Watched the frist hour of Lost, off-and-on while I was preparing my taxes (yay! gettin' a refund! boo! it's already spent). Anyway, the sequence at the end where they were all getting off the plane had a very Wizard of Oz feel to it.

That's about it for the night. May your viewing time be engaging.

Stone out.

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