Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Show of hands: Who wants some warm weather?

Trying really hard not to complain here, but I've grown weary of cold weather. With respect to my countrymen in Washington D.C., I've had enough. We get one snow, tops, a year in my part of Georgia, and after that it warms up. So we've had two snows, and well, it's not warming up. Did my workout in 33-degree weather. Again, I know people in Wisconsin would think this is balmy. But I have thin Southern blood, and 33 is freakin' cold.

All right ... attitude adjustment.

So .... I beat the weather. Finished my 3-mile traverse. Dead battery on the mp3, so the soundtrack was in my head. Mostly Supertramp. Long Way Home. Brings back memories of riding around with my cousin Allen, who's a year older than me and drove before I did. I think he had an old Ford sedan, and when my folks would visit his, we'd go riding around in this car, Breakfast in America blaring on the stereo. 'Course, there's also Chris McCandless, who chose Alexander Supertramp as his alias before walking into the woods and not coming back. Great story, but that's not me.

Started my second week of the 1.5-mile running portion of my traverse. Despite the cold, tonight went well. WAX: 233. Intakes: HBO, banana nut muffin, grilled chicken salad for lunch. Lasagna for supper.

Going to the state capitol tomorrow for work, which has nothing to do with my exercise regimen, but that's what's going on. Gonna take pictures of people meeting with legislators. Eat a good meal. Maybe meet some legislators myself. Which will be an interesting exercise. Ah, there's the connection ... ciao

YTD mileage: 110.5

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