Wednesday, February 3, 2010

No music, no problem

Left mp3 at office today when leaving work. Strategic error. I got my three miles in (one running, two walking) and my theory about the music making it easier was confirmed. Among the other negative signals your body sends you, if you hear how difficult your breathing is, motivation becomes a big challenge. But here's my mantra: I will not be beaten by an inanimate object. I guess sound of breath is inanimate. It's not tangible enough to make me admit defeat, in any case.

Blah, blah, blah, right? I wasn't going to hit the track today, but it was too nice out not to, and it's supposed to be miserable here the next two days, so I went. One of the next two is going to be a day off. Don't know which one yet. Probably a game-time decision tomorrow. If it's not raining or only misting, I'll probably jump out there and get it over with.

WAX was 234, mainly because I was weak on the intake side. HBO for breakfast, coffee, had a nutrigrain fruit bar mid-morning. Baked chicken breast and green beans for lunch. Brownie at 3 or so. About 4:30 is where it went really went south. Had to stop to use the bathroom on the way home, and could not walk past the soft drink case. Then I couldn't walk past an eclair. I had indigestion before I'd gone another 10 miles. When you eliminate soft drinks and then drink one on occasion, you realize how bad those things make you feel. And Coke just doesn't taste good to me any more. Agua, por favor. Non cocas mas.

YTD mileage: 87.

Got a cool piece of news yesterday. I'm going to be hosting Monday triva shows at Truett's Grill in Griffin. If you're in town, come check it out. You might win something.

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