Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Walkin on sunshine

Through a quirk in my work schedule, I got home early and was able to walk and run in daylight. It was chilly out there, but it was nice to be able to see everything. Tyler went with me and he ran somewhere in the neighborhood of three miles. Nice little training run for him. Struggle every time out for me. Oh, to be 16 and have athlete's fitness again. Sigh.

Soundtrack today was Blue Man Group. I was in a percussion kind of mood, and it effectively drowned out my breathing, which must have sounded awful. One of those esoteric music days for me. Every now and then, you just have to move in a different direction.

I'm thinking I bump the run portion up to two miles next week. Two weeks at 1.5 has not caused me any problems, though my feet are a little sore tonight (function of wearing dress shoes all day on the hard floors of the state capitol).

WAX: 233. Intakes -- Chicken egg and cheese bagel with Coke for breakfast. Baked chicken, potato and salad for lunch. Leftover lasagna for supper.

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