Friday, February 19, 2010

A thought or two on food

While I was walking yesterday -- but not while I was running, for some odd reason -- I was thinking about food consumption. This goes back a post 3-4 weeks ago about crunching numbers. I was wondering how much food the average American eats every day. The easy answer is too much, but I'm interested in more finite data than that. I'll do some digging later to see if I can come up with research, but for now here's what I was thinking. I'm guessing one pound of food per meal is a little high, so I figured 3/4 a pound on average. Multiply that times 3 meals a day, and you get 2.25 pounds of food per day. Multiply that times 365 and you get 821.25 pounds per year. The average lifespan according to Wikipedia for persons in the U.S. is just over 78 years. Multiply that times 821.25 and you get 64,057.5 pounds of food. That's 32 tons of food for one person! I'm sure that's high, because I think people on both ends of the age bell curve (and on at least one end of the socioeconomic bell curve) eat less, but jeez that seems like a lot of food. I'm as guilty as the next person. Maybe I should find something else to think about when I'm walking.

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