Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hit my three miles tonight at Airport Road Park. Coulda had four, but I didn't know at the time how much time I had. Now about those push-ups and sit-ups. 75 like yesterday? Uh, no. Got 15 of each, which brought me to 211.

Here's the deal: Tyler and Nikki had this teacher in middle school who would tell them they were doing a 211 if they gave a little less than their best effort. Boiling point of water is 212 degrees Fahrenheit. 211 gets only really hot water. The object of the lesson was to bring things to a "full boil." Well, my shoulders and chest were boiling after seven today, and it crushed my will. So I got up and walked. It was nice out. Wore gym shorts and a sweatshirt. I was totally digging it. But I 211ed the push-ups and sit-ups. Full of fail, I am. It's a good motivational analogy, though.

WAX: 238. Intake: HBO, turkey salad sandwich and water for lunch. Turkey salad sandwich x2 and tortilla chips with water for supper. Coffee this morning.
Soundtrack: Eagles. The Long Run.

Mileage for the year: 43.

If I get through this week feeling as good as I do right now, next Monday will be my return to running. Got to kick this thing up a notch. Bam!

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