Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Off day

Took the day off today, owing to my schedule and just because I knew I might be a little sore from running. Wasn't that much running, but I was a little sore. For now, I'm chalking this up to middle age.

The day was totally devoid of exercise. I walked the length of Building C and Building A at the Georgia World Congress Center twice. It was a leisurely stroll for work. I have no idea hor far I went.

To eat today, I had HBO, a really good burger and fries at Taco Mac and a No. 1 combo at Chik-fil-A. I stayed away from the chips and salsa.

So abotu that weather. Generally, when we get snow in middle Georgia, the weather warms up. Course, we get precious little snow in January. But we've had our winter precip, so, you know, it's time for spring, right?

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