Friday, January 8, 2010

Cold Stone Dreamery

Knew I couldn't skip a day today so as soon as I got home, I hurried to change and get to the track while I still had daylight. It was 22 degrees when I came through Griffin, so the daylight was at a premium. Attire: Two sweatshirts, lounge pants (yes, I'm very secure, thankyouverymuch) under workout pants. Athletic socks under wool hiking socks. Toboggan. Fleece gloves. And I'm glad I went when I did. It's freakin' cold out there now.

Three more miles walked. Total for the year: 21. One one-hundredth of the Appalachian Trail. (edited because my original math was way off)

WAX: 239. -6 from the start.

Intake: HBO with milk. Coffee. Banana nut muffin. (If you're reading this, it mus sound like a broken record; sure feels that way writing it), spaghetti for lunch with a bottle of water. Tammy made tuna casserole for supper with pear salad.

I've harbored this thought that one day I'd hike the AT. Maybe get Pfizer or whoever manufactures asthma medication to sponsor me and BLOG! about it. The logistics of that are a challenge. I wrote a story about an AT through hiker who had it down to a science. His pack was made of mesh to save weight, he had every possible ounce trimmed, and what he couldn't trim, he shipped to himself in what are known as "bounce boxes." Send it UPS to the next trading post on the trail or post office in the next town. It was fascinating. Iwonder several things about it. What would be my trail name? Probably goofball or idiot or something. I'd miss Tammy and the kids, although by the time I'd get around to doing the AT, the kids would be out on their own. Maybe by then battery technology will have advanced far enough that I could carry some small electronics with me. I know I can't walk or run without my mp3 player. I wonder how other hikers would respond to that. I can see where others on the trail might think that sort of violates the through-hiking spirit. Then I have this image of jamming to Aerosmith or Blue Man Group or whatever and not hearing the wild animal sneak up on me from behind. Yeah.

Today's playlist was courtesy of Daughtry:

All These Lives
It's Not Over
There and Back Again
What About Now
Used To
Over You
Feels Like Tonight

OK that's it for tonight. Wingin' to the Emerald City tomorrow, and no I'm not interviewing for the vacant Seahawks job. My agent failed me.


  1. Tuna casserole and pear salad? Seriously? One of my favorite childhood meals. Now I have a craving.

  2. In the south, casseroles are de rigeur. They're not necessarily healthy, but I'm guessing they're better than fried. Crave away.