Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow, schmow

It was barely cold when I got to Airport Road Park for my 3-miler. Hip felt much better after a day off. Listened to Creed greatest hits and got through 10 songs. I felt pretty strong actually. And that snow they've been predicting all week to hit today? Well, it was 46 degrees when I hit the track, and there wasn't a flake in sight. (After it got dark tonight though, we started getting a little).

Weight when I got up this morning was 240. WAX: 240. Total miles: 18.

Intake: HBO. Banana nut muffin. Coffee. Spaghetti and wheat bread for lunch with water. (I guess if I'm going to be serious about this, I should account for quantity of water. Eh, not yet.) Vegetable soup for supper.

I'm feeling just a little impatient. I've gotten into a good routine. I guess five pounds in a week is a good week, but it just seems I've been stuck on 240 for five days. One of the things about weight loss is it's doubly difficult for those with short attention spans. (In case you're wondering, I'm raising my hand right now). On the other hand, what can I do differently? Add exercises or add miles. Then time management becomes a challenge. Maybe I can walk at lunch -- a lot of people at work do that.

For the next week, my goal is to maintain what I've done this week. I'm flying to Seattle Saturday and keeping the routine might be difficult. I'm determined to find time to work it in though.

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