Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stick with the stuff you know.

First off, the title is homage to my daughter Nikki's role in High School Musical. Not that I'm advocating maintaining the status quo, but that's the phrase sticking in my mind when I think about the push-up/sit-up routine. Wednesday I did my three miles, tried to do another set of push-ups and, well, I think I overdid it when I started with it. Work small. Anyway, the walking is what I know. So at least for this week I'm sticking with it.

Next week? I'll be running. [/forrest] I'm excited to get back to running, but I have to be patient with all this.

WAX: 239. Intakes: Yesterday I had honey bunches of oats and coffee for breakfast. A Salmon salad with light vinagrette dressing for lunch and turkey salad sandwiches for supper.

Soundtrack was Steve Miller Band:
Jungle Love
Take the Money and Run
Rock'N Me
True Fine Love
The Stake
The Joker
Fly Like An Eagle
Jet Airliner
Dance, Dance, Dance
Winter Time
Wild Mountain Honey

I spent 14 hours in a car the last two days, and one of the songs we heard on the radio was It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere by Alan Jackson. Got me to wanting some AJ, so I bought my first CD in two years (everything in that time has been downloads) off the discount rack. Alan Jackson hits. So, yeah, it's pretty country. But sometimes the mood just kind of hits, you know?

Today was a rest day, owing to the forecast rough weather and the fact that I had a late meeting to attend. Gotta take it sometime. Intakes today: HBO, BBQ porks sandwich, Brunswick stew and water for lunch. Haven't eaten supper yet. I'm happy to report that I weighed when I got home and holding steady at 240. So I'm back to -5 for the year.

YTD miles: 46. I'll hit 50 this weekend. Maybe that's significant, maybe not. Our society, especially the sports-following segment of it, tends to hang on round numbers. So .... Milestone! Yeah!

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