Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rest day

Freely admitting this might be poor judgement, given the weather forecast for tomorrow, but the commitment was 5 of every 7 days, and I took today off from exercise. Thought about making the excuse that it was too warm (a balmy 40 degrees at 4 p.m. -- break out the sunscreen), but it just rang hollow somehow. Right hip was pretty sore this morning. By noon it had loosened up, but I made an executive decision to take a recovery day.

So here I am, watching the GMAC Bowl. Woo hoo!

No exercise, so no WAX.

(and I'm not going near that scale tonight, because ...)

Intakes: Honey bunches of oats for breakfast (2 percent milk). Two cups of coffee. Banana nut mufffin. No. 1 combo at Chik-fil-A for lunch. Small portion of Shepherd's Pie for supper.

I'm happy to report that I kept on walking by the sweets at the office, though, so that's something.

Meanwhile, today's a special day for Tammy and me. Our 20th wedding anniversary. I remember when we got to five, we sort of share a joke: Boy, we've made it! Because something like 2/3 of all marriages at that time were ending in divorce in the first five years. So yeah, no exercise. We've earned a break. That's what we're telling ourselves anyway.

Tommorow, back to the track. I'll be doing my mailman imitation. And I ain't talkin' about Karl Malone. Tootles.

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