Monday, January 4, 2010


Got my three miles in tonight. Due to scheduled activities, I didn't get on the track until 8:40 or so. I was well-bundled, except for my face, which got pretty cold in the 25-degree weather.

WAX: 240
I had a conversation about this with my friend Rick this morning, and he mentioned that he only weighed once a week, reasoning that the ebb and flow of it is minimized that way. There's probably something to that. Me, I want quick feedback, so I'm weighing as soon as I get home after a workout. A key point here is that what works for one person -- he was running 25 miles a week at his peak -- won't necessarily work for another.

Tonight's playlist:
Psycho, by Puddle of Mud
-- Hey, I was the only one out there. Everyone else had the good sense to be where it was warm. Me, I wanted self-deprecating humor while I was pondering freezer burns to my chin.
Free Ride, by Edgar Winter Group
Outside, by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Battle Without Honor or Humanity, by Tomoyasu Hotei
She Blinded Me With Science, by Thomas Dolby
I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles), by The Proclaimers
-- I get a kick out of this song when I'm walking.
My Sharona, The Knack
American Woman, The Guess Who
Little Willy, Sweet
Miserlou, The Ventures
Life's Been Good, Joe Walsh
Teardrop (House Theme Song), Massive Attack
Mysterious Ways, U2

Intakes: Honey Bunches of Oats, a banana nut muffin, spaghetti with wheat bread at lunch, chicken, green beens and mashed potatoes at supper. Some raw carrots as a late-night snack. Here's the biggie, though: One cup of coffee and no sodas. I drank water all day.

Never fails, I guess, that if you start something like this, barriers get thrown up. I got to work this morning and one of my generous coworkers (seriously, we have an office full of them) was dropping off a cake in the lobby to our office. I have to run the sweets gauntlet every time I enter or leave the office. I just have to be stronger than the sweets. Today I was. We'll see about tomorrow.

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