Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gotta find another 64 miles

A brief update here. Brief because I have W-2s staring at me, here because, well, there's good news, and I wanted to write about it before I got whatever news the tax forms are going to bring me. I did my six-mile walk, upping my YTD mileage to 78. That puts me on a pace to walk 936 miles this year, give or take. Gotta figure out how to work in another 64 miles. And my WAX was 232, even after doing nothing yesterday and eating more than I should. Righteous.

Soundtrack was Mother's Finest, Another Mother Further. Then I listened to Headlong and One Vision by Queen, followed by Styx greatest hits. Really getting in touch with my inner 70s and 80s here.

I'm stoked about the weight loss. -13 in one month, and honestly, it wasn't that difficult. I'm within five pounds of where I was in September when I changed jobs, and more important, I feel pretty good. One thing I have noticed about the exercise is that I find myself using pain medication with much less frequency. Something to think about. All right, Uncle Sam awaits. I'll likely be working out tomorrow to burn off stress. Selah.

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