Monday, January 11, 2010

Catching up

I missed a day (hey! there was no contract here!) and well, I need to make amends.

Sunday: Got up and hit the treadmill. Another three miles. Gotta go back and add'em up to get my running total. Anyway, three on the treadmill, and I have blisters on my toes now. Whine, whine, whine, right? Not complaining. I've been through boot camp, where I had much worse blisters than this. Still, they're there, so I have to deal with them.

Playlist: Journey. Just had a hankerin for Stone in Love and Don't Stop Believin'. Steve Perry never disappoints.

Sunday intakes: Scrambled eggs, bacon and potatoes for breakfast. Chicken and steamed vegetables for lunch, beef and Guinness stew at the Tap House Grill for supper.

Today was a rest day owing to the blisters, although I did walk the five blocks to the Pike Place Market in search of pictures. It was a pretty leisurely stroll though.

Intakes: (I ate like a pig edition) Vegeteble quiche sausage and a fruit tart for breakfast, Mexican buffet (rice, chicken and beef, with a roll) for lunch and then steak and chicken on the dinner cruise my employer took us on. It was on Elliot Bay and the views were very scenic.

Given my experience here, I'm wondering how people who travel a lot more than I do manage to keep fit. I suppose there's a reason hotels have fitness centers. I'll be hitting that treadmill again tomorrow, because I need to sweat.

No playlist today; just haven't gotten around to the mp3 player at all today.

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