Friday, January 22, 2010

One foot in front of the other

Schedule got put on hold for an hour today. I was tres sleepy on the way home, so I sat in my comfy chair and promptly went to sleep. Not to worry. I headed to the track after a 45-minute nap and put in my three miles.

WAX: 238. Intakes: HBO. Banana nut muffin. Coffee. Turkey sandwich on wheat bread with water and tortilla chips for lunch. Turkey tetrazini for Supper. Wife bought a turkey last week and baked it, and we've been eating off it all week. The sandwich today was pretty good.

Total mileage for the year to date: 49.

Today's soundtrack: Foreigner Greatest Hits. Little Jukebox Hero, Hot Blooded, etc. The mp3's downstairs right now, so if you want the detailed list, you'll have to ask.

All this tracking numbers got me to thinking about how many steps this is. A year or so ago I took a half-mile pace count. A seemingly useless exercise left over from my national guard days. It took me 973 steps to circumnavigate a half-mile track. So you take that number and start doing multiplication. 49 miles is 98 half-miles. X 973 = 95,354 steps I've taken on this quest so far. Completely inane, I know, but that is a holdover from my days as a sports writer. We count everything. So anyway, I'm on a pace (a popular sportswriter phrase) to take 1,657,343.3 steps on this exercise routine this year. At my pace count, that's 851 miles. Just over a third of the Appalachian Trail. If only I could get someone to give me a dollar for every one of those steps. That'd be cool.

When I named the blog Stream of Consciousness, I wasn't kidding, OK? This is the ABC's of me.
A note about stretching: I really don't know what the exercise science is, and I've heard essentially two theories from my serious-exercising friends. Don't stretch before exercise and do. I'm a "do." I just know that If I don't at least stretch my legs, particularly my lower legs, my calves are going to be howling at me 1/4 mile in. Because I've heard anecdotal stories on both sides I've concluded that you have to figure out what works for you. Now wasn't that helpful? lol. Ciao.

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