Saturday, January 23, 2010

Binary exercise

I've found that I'm having more trouble keeping up with the lap count (I am getting old), so I tried an experiment this morning on my three-miler. I was at the half-mile track, and I carry my car key with me. It's a keyless remote which has a pop-out key. On the even numbered laps I left the key out. Odd, closed. Easier to count to three when you're walking than to six. I'm a college-educated writer, and you'd think I could count to six, but you're out there walking, listening to the signals your body is giving you, taking in the scenery and listening to music, and remembering to take your count up one every 10 minutes or so. So this worked OK. It's like the I/O in binary code. I have a set of Ranger beads somewhere. Set of nine black sliding buttons on parachute cord. Sort of a rudimentary pedometer.

In all of this, I forgot I went past 50 miles for the year (I'm at 52 now). Shoulda pulled over at the start/finish point and took a picture or something. Now that would be vanity run amok.

WAX 236. That's more like it. Intake: HBO, turkey tetrazini, some chips. Water. Haven't had supper yet ...

Soundtrack: I listened to 97.1 The River in Atlanta today. Just didn't feel like surfing through my mp3 player to find something, so I let the DJ build the playlist. They rarely disappoint. Here's what I got:

38 Special, Rockin' Into the Night
Boston, Peace of Mind
Blondie, One Way or Another
Led Zeppelin, Over the Hills and Far Away
Styx, Come Sail Away
The Rolling Stones, Gimme Shelter
Fleetwood Mac, Gold Dust Woman
Doobie Brothers, China Grove
Only eight songs because there were a few minutes of advertisements. Good stuff nonetheless.

I'm actually beginning to get fired up to start running. I'll do that Monday. Maybe I'll get a walk in tomorrow before the NFL conference championship games. I fully intend to sit in front of a TV for six hours or so for that.

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