Sunday, January 3, 2010

3 miles today

Walked three miles today on fitness track at local park. Listed to P.O.D. and some August Rush soundtrack before switching over to the Falcons game. Battery in my mp3 player ran out, so I wired up the earbud on my cell. Yeah, I'm old school. No blue tooth here. Anyway, it was in the mid-20s and I was heavily bundled. Flannel lounge pants under jeans. Athletic socks under wool hiking socks. Long-sleeve t-shirt, hoodie and a fleece jacket. I did it that way partly for the warmth, but mainly because I wanted to sweat a little.

It was sunny and there weren't many people there, and the cold air will help clear your lungs. Altogether, a pretty good workout

WAX: (weight after exercise) 240
Intakes for the day: Honey cornflakes and oats cereal, ham, black-eyed peas and rice (leftovers from NYD) for lunch, baked chicken, and green beans for supper.
Total miles for the year: 9. If I push it just a little, I can make 1,000 for the year. That'd be cool.

OK, back to a regular work schedule this week, so the routine challenge is now in play.

Stone out.

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